Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blog Entry #2


This blog is an informational blog written by someone who has obviously travelled numerous times with children. This blog helps you to navigate your way through planning travel, packing, at the airport, and when you arrive, as well as travel destinations. The target audience  is parents who are travelling with their children, or just anyone who is getting ready to travel in general.


This blog is a personal blog written by Brooklyn Simes. I assume the target audience is her friends and family, as a way of keeping them up to date with what is happening with her while she is in Thailand.


This is a blog written by the coach of a hockey team. The purpose and audience of this blog is to inform the parents/the players about the hockey team practices/games and any information relating to the team.


This is a blog written by a man who was a pastor who lost his job.  I think that the purpose of the blog is just a kind of way for this man to vent, or record his observations of the world. Therefore, I think that the main audience this is intended for is himself.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blog #1

1. What is a blog?
2. Why do people blog?
3. What do people put on their blogs?
4. What are some things you would like to Blog?

1. A blog is a website kept by a specific person or group of people. The website is usually regularly updated, discussing events, themselves, or really anything they want.
2. Many people blog because they enjoy having some contribution to the internet world. They may also want to keep in touch with someone. For example, one could keep up to date with their friend's daily life by just reading their blog.
3. People normally post about events, ideas, or their daily life.
4. I would just like to blog my assignments in CCA9 because I'm not really interested in blogging just in my day to day life. However, I think that this will be a very interesting and effective way of doing/handing in assignments.